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New Drones Provide Added Benefits for CFD

New Drones Provide Added Benefits for CFD — We are pleased to share that Wintrust purchased three high-power drones for the Chicago Fire Department Foundation to donate to the Chicago Fire Department (CFD). For the CFD, the use of drones has the potential to make a large impact in how effectively the Department can mitigate fires, disasters or large-scale incidents, offering an aerial perspective and helping to identify areas of evacuation and most urgent needs for response.  Equally important is the utilization of images and videos post-incident to assist in fire investigations, critiques, and training purposes. The information is also helpful in understanding where additional assistance from federal organizations like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) might be needed. The extra data offered by drones offers benefits to the CFD in seemingly unlimited areas. Thank you to Wintrust for the continued support.