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Please join the Chicago Fire Department Foundation in helping 2 of Chicago’s Finest

Lieutenant Walter Kolinski

CFD member Walter Kolinski who was given a horrible cancer diagnosis in December 2021. He’s been through painful and humiliating surgery and now is suffering through awful chemotherapy. His road is still long to recovery and this disease has put his career as a public servant at risk.
Walter has spent the last 24 years serving his city with honor where his skills were needed most but now he needs our help fighting off this terrible disease.
Let us come together and help ease the burden to this young family so they can focus their full attention on overcoming this illness without worrying about financial ruin and having the ability to make choices in treatment that otherwise might be cost prohibitive.
On behalf of this family I’d like to humbly thank you for your support and ask you keep Walter in your thoughts and prayers.

Lieutenant Kevin Merchant

While driving home the morning of July 31st 2022, after his shift at Engine 46, Lt. Kevin Merchant (5/R) was severely injured in a car accident. Just a few short blocks away from being home safe.
Kevin has both serious and minor injuries, and all will add up to some significant recovery and rehabilitation time. This will be both an emotional and financial burden.
Kevin is fortunate that he has a loving family at home, and many loved ones and friends surrounding him. He takes great pride in his wife and children, and they are the foundation of his life.
What Kevin also has, is a distinguished 22+ year career with the Chicago Fire Department. He answered the call for Sept 11th, he instructed the next generation at the Chicago Fire Academy, he was a long time Member of Truck Co 17, and now he has gone on to teach and lead as a Lieutenant in the 5th District. He represents the essence of what the Brotherhood of firefighting is.
In the fire service, there is an obligation and desire to help those who call out with a need for assistance. Kevin has answered that call thousands of times.
We ask now, that you answer the call for our Brother Kevin. In any small way or contribution you can afford.