Supporting Firefighters / Paramedics and Their Families in Time of Need


our mission

The CFD Foundation supports the critical lifesaving work of the Chicago Fire Department.  The Foundation will work collaboratively with the Fire Department and its members to support its most crucial priorities; to reduce firefighter, paramedic, and civilian deaths and injury.  The Foundation will support CFD initiatives for education, fire prevention, training and equipment needs that are not funded through city, state or federal budgets.  The Foundation will assist the firefighters/paramedics and their families in time of need.


Family Support

The CFD Foundation will provide assistance and support to firefighters/paramedics and their families in time of need.


Public Education

The CFD Foundation will provide Programs/Funding to the Chicago Fire Department to educate, inform and involve the public in protecting life and property in the event of emergency.


Professional Development

The most important part of the Chicago Fire Department is the firefighters and paramedics:  the bravest and the best of the CFD.  The CFD Foundation will be committed to helping the Department train and educate these superb men and women through a professional development curriculum specifically designed to meet the needs of the Department.


Equipment and Technology

The Chicago Fire Department sets world standards for fire suppression, pre-hospital medical care, emergency response, and large scale operations mitigation and recovery.  The CFD Foundation will assist in research and development that will increase the safety of all personnel operating on the fireground as well as civilians exposed to the incident.


IT and Equipment Testing

The CFD Foundation will provide the Chicago Fire Department the opportunity to collaborate, test, and view the latest technology and equipment advances within the Fire Service on a global platform.